Introduction (by the Jarl)


When I created Gladal, it was created in the mindset that members would be free to pursue their own goals as to the specific goals of our leadership. This goes against the usual archetype of most guilds and groups you find in Chronicles of Elyria and indeed video games in general. In most communities you will find a leadership which places its own agenda over the aspirations of its members and constituent parts. It is my hope that as we move forward, we continue to offer an alternative to many of the dictatorial and overly controlling groups and leaders that seem to be present in a surplus and continue to be a community that looks to how we can help each other rather than help ourselves.

Reasons to Confederate

As time has went on, our numbers grew. Because of this growth, we began to need more space, more territory and more counties. However, with this there comes an issue that our current structure will not suffice. Our original structure was meant to allow for efficient governance over 300 members, rising to 600 members as a maximum. We are now in a position where we will have a population of a minimum of 1500 citizens and a large amount of land. To this point, our current plans and structure have been enough to cope. However, we will see a large influx of players at some point and we will need to be ready for this. Even now I am beginning to realise that if we are to continue to offer a place for people to live and more importantly thrive, we need a more expansive structure, regulations and clarity in all fields. In this vein, in my opinion, it is vital that we do not see ourselves or act as an individual county anymore. The solution to the aforesaid issue is that Gladal County becomes Gladal Confederation, one power but with a more decentralised leadership under the leadership of a Jarl. It has always been my intention to steer Gladal on a path chosen by our citizens and I know now that this will be the way that we do that together.

While leading Gladal, I have tried my utmost to build a home for all of you and be the leader that this community deserves. However, am not unaware of the mistakes I have made until this point and the lapses in my own judgement that have resulted less than favourable circumstances for many of you. It is my hope that this new structure will allow many more of you to lead alongside me and delegate more power and responsibility to the best part of our community – Our citizens. A more devolved structure will also make up for my shortcomings as a leader and while the title of Jarl will still remain, it is my wish that it will be less dictatorial in nature. Finally, I want Gladal to take strength and unity from our community and have a structure in place if my leadership is ever no longer needed.

It has been an honour to be your leader up until this point and I hope that I can remain that for many years to come with your support and blessing.

Eric Woodward

The Confederation of Gladal exists both as extension of Gladal to make managing the large landmass due to us being a quadrupal county easier, as well as a system that allows other nobles to join and work together without sacrificing a lot, or even any power, making membership mutually beneficial and fair for everyone.

Benefits of Confederation

For existing counts

As a count, I understand that fellow counts are unwilling to lose power or control over titles that would rightly be ours. However, it is paramount that Chronicles of Elyria is an open-world game with not only player threats, but also NPC and event-driven threats. Therefore, we must look at how we can all strengthen our positions. While casual agreements are better than no agreements, being seen as a strong unified selection of counties will not only allow for greater efficiency among constituent parts, but will dissuade potentially aggressive actions by other counties and groups, and will consolidate our power and offer a deterrent to those who would go against us. It will also allow us to combine the best parts of each of our counties in terms of crafting and production. Furthermore it will allow us to centralize our economy and become stronger in that regard.  The proposal to become a confederacy is by no means giving up any existing right to the confederacy as an entity, it is an agreement to work together as part of something larger. Outlined later in this document will be the exact specifications as to how this system will work. Finally, one last time, please be assured that you will remain the count and leader of your county upon joining the Gladal Confederacy.

For potential or CB counts

When taking a county over by casus belli or other means, a large amount of economic and military support will be vital, but this is common knowledge. However, what is not usually mentioned is that upon a successful takeover, the targeted county will be in a state of flux and the new ruler will likely be taking over an administration that they forcibly removed. The entire county will need to be rebuilt, reorganized and restructured, new trade routes, new laws and new defences will need to constructed. This is a job that will be near impossible for a new administration. As a confederacy, we offer not only the benefits above, but the assistance needed to take a ruined county to a thriving one.

Joining Procedures

In order to join our confederacy, you must be spoken for by an existing member, and all members must not object to your county or cassus beli county joining the Gladal Confederacy.

Laws and control

It is my goal for the Confederacy to strengthen our individual counties while not taking away the autonomy of certain systems unless specifically asked for.

Military – Members will retain control of their own militaries unless they decide that they would prefer the protection of fellow confederacy members as opposed to building their own. In this case, the members looking for permanent protection, i.e. patrols etc would pay a small tax to the confederacy that would be used to pay soldiers from neighboring confederate counties to expand their patrols. All members of the confederacy are military allies however, and the aforementioned solution only covers peacetimes, in wars we will support each other irregardless.

Economic – Members will maintain control of their own economies and tax collections unless they explicitly ask not to. While it is expected that all members of the confederacy share guilds for basic professions, all economic matters are left up to the discretion of that county. In the case that a county decides it doesn’t want to control its own economy, the county in question will delegate that to the confederacy as a whole who will integrate the tax collection into their own responsibilities.

Rights – All citizens of the confederacy have the right to move freely between member counties of the confederacy, purchase land in member counties of the confederacy and trade freely within the confederacy. Furthermore, citizens will be under protection of the local militaries regardless of where they hail from.

Diplomacy –  War against one member of the confederacy means war against all of it’s members. This further extends to minor disputes, battles and conflicts that may not reach a duchy level of involvement. Furthermore, members of the confederacy will share access to resources with one another where applicable.


The confederacy will be led by 2 representatives from each constituent member regardless of their size or power. A head of state for the confederacy will be voted upon once the alliance is in game and stable.


Various positions will be appointed over time, decided by vote, such as: Confederate War Leader (strategises combined war efforts). However, as we are looking to have a devolved power system, appointments such as this will be rare.

If you wish to learn more about our ministries, laws, economy and other subject matters, please refer to appropriate pages: