The leadership of Gladal County will be divided into 6 main Councils, these will be:

Please note that the structures are expected or general requirements for the councils, actual councils may be larger and will be expanded if it is felt that individuals have contributions to make in discussions.

The High Council

The purpose of the high council is to discuss the most important diplomatic, legal and general matters in the running of the county. While it does not have a specific focus, members of this council should be considered the most important advisors and leaders in the county.

The Mayoral Council

The purpose of the Mayoral Council is to allow for voting and discussion amongst Mayors on issues that affect them. To join the Mayoral Council, a mayor must manage a settlement of at least 20 people (NPC + PC). Common topics amongst the mayoral council will be: tax rates, expansion, crime rates, resource assignment and land assignment.

The Military Council

The purpose of the Military Council is to discuss day-to-day decisions concerning the army, ranging from food and gear supply to training and fighting. The council consists of the Leader of Gladal, the General of the Army, the Marshals and Admiral, the military Tactician and military Advisor.

The Ministries

The Ministries are a series of appointments and systems made to delegate power amongst a series of individuals and expand our reach in terms of creating a safe, organised and fair environment in Gladal County. Common topics of The Ministries will be: Progress on goals, changes in the county and synergy between various ministry departments.

The Delegates Council

The Delegates Council is a system which will allow our citizens to vote amongst themselves to select representatives. While I want our citizens to know that they can come to me with any problem. The Delegates Council will allow our citizens to make official suggestions and empower our people to change things about Gladal County that either cause issues or trouble them. The Delegates Council will discuss any topic that the people choose. The specifics in which delegates will be chosen will be discussed in the Laws section.

The Overseer Council

The Overseer Council is a council for which the overseers can discuss progress and current performance with the Jarl and Viscount. This Council will mainly cover topics such as: taxation, growth and public order. Overseers are appointed by the Jarl and is a role that may be applied for under certain circumstances.