Gladal Military
Leader: Alathirn
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The Golden Arrow
Focus: Ranged/Skirmish
Leader: Renghieri
Location: Bolgna
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The Silver Sword
Focus: Cavalry
Leader: Lainor
Location: Fjellheim
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The Bronze Ram
Focus: Infantry/Siege
Leader: Baen Ironblood
Location: TBD
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The Iron Anchor
Focus: Naval
Leader: TBD
Location: TBD
Discord: TBD

The “Gladalian Army”, or “Gladalian Military” is the official army of Gladal Confederation.
It currently consists of 3 land regiments and 1 naval regiment:

  • The Bronze Ram (TBR) – The Infantry & Siege regiment, led by Marshal Baen Ironblood
  • The Golden Arrow (TGA) – The Ranged-Specialized regiment, led by Marshal Renghieri
  • The Silver Sword (TSS) – The Cavalry regiment, led by Marshal Lainor
  • The Iron Anchor (TIA) – The Naval regiment, led by Admiral <To be appointed>
The army is led by General Alathirn.


The main goals of the army are:

  • Defend the lands of the confederacy from enemy armies, bandits, and any other mysterious foes or creatures.
  • Attack the enemies of the confederacy, storm their castles and conquer their lands.


General of the Army – The leading commander of the entire army
Marshal – Commander of a land regiment
Admiral – Commander of a naval regiment
Legaine – Marshal/Admiral’s second in command
Captain – Section captain in a regiment
Lieutenant – Company leader
Brodir – Proud member of the army (Brodir has rank levels; will be explained further on)
Apprentice – Brodir in training


The structure of a Land Regiment
The structure of a Naval Regiment
Brodir Ranks

Brodirs (Brothers), are our fighting men and women of the army. Serving as a Brodir is an honorable thing in Gladal.
Brodirs have their own levels of rankings; given by dedication, time of serving, behavior and combat experience.

Recruit – Newly trained Brodir.
Man at Arms – Experienced Brodir, who served for some time and fought a few battles.
Sergeant – Veteran Brodir, who has seen lots of battles and killed many foes.

Duties & Benefits

As part of the Gladalian Military, the Brodirs and their officers will have duties that need to be done, and also benefits – as a gratitude for their service of Gladal. Here are some of the Duties and benefits they will have:

  • Training, in small or big groups. As a regiment scale, or whole-army scale.
  • Patrolling the lands around your stationed city, along the borders of Gladal and if needed, in other areas of the duchy of Lyon.
  • Conquer new lands, lands ruled by NPC governors, or even lands from enemy players. These can be both large-scale and small-scale PvP battles.
  • Defend our own lands. Again both large-scale and small-scale PvP battles.
  • Offensive and defensive skill training.
  • Army members will get a salary to support their needs. This salary increases as army members gain experience and climb the ranks. More victories for Gladal also means we can afford to give a higher salary, which acts as a drive for army members to secure the win as often as possible.
  • All armor and weapons will be supplied by Gladal, but given in loan.
  • If a role or a mission requests a mount, it will also be supplied by Gladal (scouting mission as a temporary mount or cavalry members as permanent e.g).
  • The army members will have a barracks to call home, where they are stationed.
  • Members will also have free time to do their own things, like hunting, crafting and researching.
  • If a member has a guild of some kind, or a branch of a guild, in his stationed city – They can join them part-time and of course work on any other crafting/gathering skills they personally like.

Rules & Guidelines

As a member of the Gladalian military there are rules you must obey.

  • Promotions must only be given based on skill, merit and the ability to command alone. A promotion will be suggested by any superior and has to be accepted and confirmed by the General before it can become official. These promotions will be given by the officer ranked above the new rank of the promoted.
  • Demotions will work the same way as above, if one is no longer seen fit to fulfil the duties one holds, they will be demoted to a more fitting rank.
  • A promotion cannot happen if there isn’t room for it.
  • Every promotion needs to be presented to the General with reasons why this specific person needs to be promoted to this specific role.
  • The Brodir ranks are the exception to this process. They will be administered by the Marshals and Admiral instead of the General.
  • While on guard and/or patrol a soldier is expected to behave professionally. Interacting with citizens is allowed to show the presence of Gladal’s protectors and promote a friendly relationship between the military and the citizen, though the soldier should never forget about their duty.
  • Soldiers must not harm the citizens of Gladal under any circumstances. Upon witnessing a crime, they are allowed to restrain the culprit, but if the soldier can’t justify their actions they will be judged and punished by the court.
  • While on duty or at war a soldier is expected to obey their superior’s commands, if the commands aren’t obeyed, you will face a martial court.
  • Armor and weapons are given in loan. If they break, you return them to receive a new one. Should you lose a piece of armor or a weapon, you pay for a new one yourself.

Of course you are also expected to have common sense, and act proper as you, as a soldier, represent the Gladalian military and the order within Gladal’s borders.


Each Regiment will have its HQ a different cities, while we will have small wings of the army being in other towns (Lieutenant, or Captain sized sections). However that doesn’t mean they are limited to defending that area only, as they will be assigned patrols and different duties around the county and beyond.

The Silver Sword will be based in Fjellheim, the capital.
The Golden Arrow will be based in Bolgna, the near-forest town.
The Bronze Ram will be based in Arcton, the builders and engineers town.
The Iron Anchor will be based in the greatest Harbor Gladal will have.

The Regiment will be guarding the lands of that city they are stationed in, together with their other duties, and also train there. (note: They do not replace the city guards!)

War Council

While the Military Council deals with the day to day business of the army, the War Council is the emergency council for urgent times. Whether to attack a city, or defend the border, the urgent problems are shown there, and so are the answers.

The Members of the war council are:

  • Leader of Gladal
  • General of the Army
  • The Military Tactician
  • The Military Advisor
  • Potentially, by need: A Marshal/Admiral, or a SC representative.


Not everyone can dedicate themselves to the army full-time, but you might still want to take part in it. A Gladalian can be a reserve unit member in the army and as such you can help in the defense of our county. You can train alongside fellow reserve units and share the glory when the time comes. Although benefits shall be less, there will still be some, together with the honour of being a member in the army and the right to carry our banners.


  • Offensive and defensive skill training.
  • Reserves are paid a fee for their services after a battle.
  • All armor and weapons will be supplied by Gladal, but given in loan.
  • If a role or a mission requests a mount, it will also be supplied by Gladal.


If you are interested in joining any of the military forces, as a full member or as a reserve – contact Alathirn#0723 in our discord.