The Ministries are a series of different jobs that are open to all members. Most ministry jobs are designed so that they can be occupied alongside another job or profession. Furthermore, the roles are designed to complement our guilds and consequently, certain ministries may appeal more to members of certain guilds.

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If you wish to apply to any vacant position, please fill out the form below and contact Jarl Eric Woodward#4901 in our discord.


The Ministry of Coin exists primarily to collect tax, but also to work with other departments to ensure adequate funding of the county. Roles and responsibilities include: Coordinating or partaking in tax collection, helping to decide tax rates, coordinating payment, coordinating funding and deciding investments. This role may end up being the most intensive of all ministries as all members including the minister may be required to travel often.

Master of CoinCoordinates Tax Collection
Manages Tax Collectors
Coordinates Funding
Assists with investments
Assists with Tax Rates
Sets import tariffs
Tax CollectorCollects taxes
BodyguardDefends Master of Coin and
Tax Collectors


The Ministry of Defence exists as a separate institution to our military. The role of the Ministry of Defence is to prepare the county in case of the attack in regards to non-military personal and settlements. The Ministry of Defence will ensure that settlements are assigning ample guards, whether settlements require investment from taxes in their defences and regulate the training of civilians who are not attached to a military unit. Candidates for all roles may be military personnel provided it does not interfere with their duties. Bodyguards are not expected to be required as all members of the Ministry of Defence are required to be skilled combatants and will not be carrying large amounts of valuable items. In addition to all this, members of this ministry may assist with training of army recruits. We expect to have Trainers in varying weapon styles and the role of trainer may be done in conjunction with any other role.

Minster of DefenceMilitary Training
Settlement Inspection
Defensive War Planning
TrainerProvides Training
Assists with settlement


The Ministry of Construction not only oversee the building of County funded structure, they also decide what should be constructed and where improvements made with tax money should be constructed. While Mayors are expected to continuously improve their settlements, as a county, we will require new defences, settlements and structures to be built. Furthermore if possible we will help mayors to improve their own settlements. A huge part of this role in working with existing guilds and crafters as we aim to utilise these as opposed to constantly paying high numbers of builders. The Ministry of Construction also receives reports on repairs and may participate in the repairs themselves.

Minister of ConstructionLiaising with guilds
Plans county upgrades
Oversees Construction of defensive structures
Constructs tax-paid city upgrades
Oversees repairs
Construct Roads
ForemanManages a large scale
construction work, may be guild appointed
LaborerHired worker, usually part of an existing guild


The Ministry of Transport is responsible for overseeing hired or purchased transport and road construction. While many people may wish to purchase their own animals for animal-powered transport, yet lack the space or don’t want to worry about the upkeep and feeding of those animals. Some citizens may also prefer to pay for transport or hire transportation animals. The Ministry of Transport will coordinate all of these, and additionally make sure that citizens in all reaches of the county have access to transportation. The Minister of Transport will also inform the Minister of Construction when new roads are required. Another large responsibility of the Minister of Transport is to work in tandem with other ministries to either provide transport of goods or other ministries with the means to do so. Larger transport operations, whether carrying individuals or goods will require guarded so we will also be recruiting mercenaries and guards. The Ministry of Transport will also be responsible for the transport of large sums of taxes on occasions and will do this in conjunction with tax collectors.

Minister of TransportPlanning road construction
Overseeing Transport
Overseeing Sale of Transport Animals
Assigning of relevant
transportation to
government departments
Transport ManagerManages Transport and stables in a specific branch
TransporterTransports individuals or goods. May also double as stablehand.
StablehandWorks in the stables to provide for animals.
May also double as Transporter
Guard CaptainManages guarding of transports
GuardHired guard or mercenary to protect large scale transportation.


The Ministry of the Environment makes sure that our current situation and actions are sustainable. As we will require large amounts of logging and hunting, it makes sense that we have to manage this and make sure that we don’t run out of resources. The Minister of the Environment controls: Hunting permits, Logging Permits, Logging Rotation, Hunting Rotation and identification of poachers. As we will rotate allowed areas for hunting and logging, this will be determined by the Minister of the Environment. The Ministry of the Environment is also responsible for determining who hunts in specific areas and identifying and killing poachers.

Minister of the EnvironmentHunting and Logging Permits
Logging and Hunting Rotation
Execution of Poachers
Ikkey TheDyslexic#7918
Lead RangerLeads Rangers in execution of poachers
RangerKills poachers


The Ministry of Provision is responsible for making sure that all settlements and military members are supplied with food. This Ministry will work heavily with the Ministry of Transport to ensure that all citizens and members of the county have adequate food available at all times. The main role of this job will be to determine required amounts of food and drink and then arrange the transport of these goods. This ministry also deals with all allocation of food and drink to military forces and deals in part with supply lines while in enemy territory.

Minister of ProvisionAllocates food to settlements
Allocates food to Military
AssistantAssists the Minister of Provision in any way necessary.

Natural Resources

The Ministry of Natural Resources identifies deposits and locations of natural resources and arranges the construction of structures and sites to harvest them. The main job of this Ministry is to prospect for precious resources and metals, and then work with the Ministry of Construction to arrange suitable plans

Minister of Natural ResourcesDecides where to find Natural Resources
Prospects for resources
Liaises with Ministry of Construction to arrange building of suitable machinery and sites
ProspectorFinds Natural Resources


The Ministry of Diplomacy finds potential new allies, subjects and targets. This Ministry has a range of diplomatic jobs, first and foremost they exist to document and introduce members of the county and settlements that are unknown to us, and introduce them to us. Furthermore, they are expected to seek out allies and favourable deals for us amongst other communities. Finally, diplomats may also visit other communities areas to assess resources while talking with the local rulers and advise upon whether military actions would be profitable.

Minister of DiplomacyIdentifies County Members
Identifies Settlements
Finds alliances
Finds trade deals
Assess potential targets
DiplomatAssists the Minister of Diplomacy

The Ministry of Naval Affairs deals with all civilian aspects of port and sea duties. This Ministry controls customs tariffs at the docks, arranges fishing areas, manages all water travel and manages imports and exports via sea. This role combines aspects from The Ministry of Transport and The Ministry of Coin. This role will also be the first point of contact with many foreign traders and sea travellers. While water travel may be rarer, the Ministry of Naval affairs will control the hiring of publicly owned sea vessels and the booking of passage upon them.

Minister of Naval AffairsDock Management
Controls Customs Tariffs
Arranges fishing zones
Manages all water travel
Manages Imports and Exports
Controls the hiring and booking of passage on sea vessels
Dock ManagerManages a certain port
Controls Imports and Exports
Dock WorkerAssists with general tasks at the docks and may also be a Sailor
CaptainManages a publicly owned sea vessel
SailorWorks on a publicly owned sea vessel and may also be a Dock Worker


The Ministry of Religion is vital in keeping a balance between various faiths and making sure that all citizens can benefit from them. The main task of the Ministry of Religion involves making sure that when a settlement requires religious personnel, the correct people can quickly be assigned to that location. The Ministry of Religion also keeps an eye on religious tensions and puts forward solutions on how to deal with these. Finally, the Ministry of Religion arranges all marriage and other religious ceremonies in the county.

Minister of ReligionAssigns religious personnel to settlements
Maintains order between faiths
Arranges all religious ceremonies
Versith Urséphíel
Priest/Sage/Shaman/Similar titleAssigned to a settlement or location Specific to one faith
Provides for the religious needs of that settlement
Carries out religious ceremonies


The Ministry of Health deals with all things related to disease, from helping doctors and healers find settlements, to dealing with research on diseases and their cures. In the event of an epidemic, the Ministry of Health will decide how best to deal with a problem and that course of action will be taken by the rest of the county. Whether that involves searching for a cure, quarantine or other actions, that is firmly their domain. The Ministry of Health also covers all research into non-epidemic diseases and cures.

Minister of Health Assigns doctors to settlements if required
Epidemic and Crisis control
Leads cure and treatment research
Plague DoctorDeals with epidemics in any way deemed necessary, may not require medical expertise
DoctorA strictly healing role, aimed to deal with epidemics in a less confrontational way Medicinal and cure research


The Ministry of the Occult deals with all magical or paranormal items or events. This Ministry works with other governmental agencies to locate and study magical artifacts. In addition to this, they find and support any individuals who are found to possess talents. While many may turn away or try to kill talent users, we aim to support them via this ministry. Members of this ministry should attempt to avoid diplomatic repercussions, but at the same time, certain aspects of this ministry may require confrontation. While we do expect this Ministry to secure magical artifacts on their own, many may be heavily guarded or dangerous, so support from the Shadow Corps and military will be provided when required. The Minister of the Occult will also help deal with magic-related crises such as The Long Night.

Minister of the OccultIdentifies locations of magical items
Works in conjunction with SC and military to acquire magical items
Identifies Talents users
Provides Safety for talent users
Plans strategy on magical related crisis or events
Jericho Mœ Normeé
ResearcherAssists to identify locations of magical artifacts and study them
May cross over with any role
Artifact Hunter CaptainLeads team of artifact hunters in more dangerous scenarios
Artifact HunterHunts for Artifacts in dangerous of combative locations
TalentedAn individual with a talent