The word economy is self-explanatory and this section will cover how the county economy will function, please note that as more information is released this section will continue to be updated.


Taxes are a vital part of any governmental system, and while the idea of having to give up money is displeasing to some, it is a necessary part of being able to maintain a stable community. Taxes will not be collected by me for personal use, instead they will be used to run and improve the county. Taxes will be used to pay our military, improve infrastructure, pay for our ministries and civil servants and a plethora of other uses that will benefit our citizens.

It is my goal to keep taxes as low as possible. However, I will keep them as low as I can without sacrificing our infrastructure. While there may be no tax very low tax areas in other countries or kingdoms, whatever you put in, you get back. So while our citizens need to pay tax, they will receive protection, sustenance, resources, healthcare and other benefits that other counties will not.

As the game mechanics appear to state, tax will be collected in the form of city tax and land tax. While I will not ask for a specific numerical value from city tax, I would hope that all city tax reflects the economic prosperity of the settlements in question.


If citizens wish to start a new venture, business or any other pursuit that requires money, the county is happy to make deals on a case by case basis and invest in our own citizens’ goals. To request this, contact the Master of Coin or the Jarl. It is our goal to support our citizens and allow them to reach their goals, and if we can assist, we will.


In the interests of ensuring economic prosperity, we will be supporting monopolies for guilds on certain markets. This will boost productivity and research, and all but eliminate any business sabotage or economic warfare. While it is not against our laws for other guilds to be formed, if you form a guild that competes with an existing state supported guild, you will not receive any help from the county at all. Officially supported guilds can purchase land, resources, receive all county and ally contracts related to that field and will receive notice when resources or sites of interest are available. Non recognized guilds will not receive access to any resource sites that are not already under their ownership. To officially register a guild, speak with the Jarl.


Gladal will not tolerate any attempts to avoid tax paying or hiding wealth. In this context we expect honesty and transparency when citizens trade in other counties or kingdoms. Regardless of where wealth is accrued, citizens of Gladal will be taxed based on all income. In regards to foreign traders, foreign traders with sizeable amounts of goods are permitted, but will have to pay an extra tax before they are allowed to trade within Gladal. Any citizens not following our rules will receive fines and any foreigners will have their assets seized until the tax is paid.


At this moment in time, while there are no plans for county wide banks, there are no restrictions to banking or storage of goods.


Markets provide a space and occasion for the widespread sale of goods and allow customers to visit to find a wide range of goods. We will hold regular markets in the capital and reduced taxes may be offered to all vendors to promote better prices and attendance.

Tax Breaks

The following roles are subject to permanent or temporary tax breaks, please note that the break may be a minor decrease or major decrease in taxes owed:

  • All Ministry Staff
  • All full-time military members
  • All Huskarl and bodyguards
  • All militia members and town guards
  • All county personnel deemed essential

These individuals receive tax breaks as their roles and jobs contribute directly to the running, economy and safety of our county and are rewarded for this.

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