County Expansion

We will be looking to expand Gladal into neighboring counties by peaceful means and by Casus Belli. Any mayors of Gladal may settle in a nearby enemy county and we will then integrate them into our territory by any means necessary. We are also open to helping our Mayors achieve a Casus Belli on NPC or non-Lyon counts provided they join our confederacy.

Settlement Expansion

Mayors may expand their settlements at any rate that they feel is necessary. Furthermore, mayors will receive preferential treatment when purchasing land either adjacent to, or next to their own city. Moreover, if it is felt to be required by the County, land may be given out to mayors for free.

New Settlement Expansion

We are entirely open to the creation of new settlements, provided that the land is owned by individual(s) in question and that the settlement is sustainable. Furthermore, we may be able to offer reduced costs on materials, resources and labour upon further consultation. It is imperative however that all new settlements are reported to the Jarl or other county officials. Any settlements found to be unregistered or unreported will incur a fine or demolition.