County Management

On a County level, land management will be the responsibility of the Jarl. Land will be sold at reasonable prices to drive growth. However, those buying land should present their plans to the Jarl in order to receive these prices. Furthermore, mayors will receive preferential treatment to either purchase or be bestowed land to increase the size of their settlements via land nearby to them. Land will be given out on a purely non-personal basis, and if discounts are given, it will be given due to plans with the land. Nonetheless, land may also be awarded to individuals as a reward for loyalty or exceptional acts. The Jarl will also retain some lands for nature conservation and possibly other interests of the county.

City and Private Management

On a city, town, village or hamlet level, the Jarl will allow for as much freedom as possible, unless there are exceptional circumstances. As long as land is paid and contracts are held, citizens and mayors will be able to do as they wish with land that they own. The only decisions the Jarl may make about the land of a city within the county will be related to military defence and the health of our county.

Foreign Management

Foreign management will be classed as ownership by any individual or organization that is not either part of Gladal County or Gladal Confederacy. Foreigners who wish to own land will be permitted to purchase land upon registration with the Jarl. Receiving this right will be assessed on a case to case basis. Gladal Confederacy reserves the right to confiscate land from foreign management as part of economic or military actions against a hostile power.

Acquiring Land during Exposition

While land could be bought during exposition using EP, it’s also possible to negotiate acquisition of land with the count.

Each negotiation and purchase will be handled differently but here are some guidelines and notes when requesting land from a count:

  • Deal will be more favorable for people who will make a good use of it, especially if it will benefit county as whole.
  • Deal will be more favorable for large group of people, whether they want to use it for personal use, but more so if they will put it to good use.
  • If there is a valid reason to do so, land can be given for free, with a discount, or agreed upon payment being received at a later specified date.
  • Land could be rented for free or small fee for a set amount of time if landowner is set to put it to good use. (example: creating farms that would feed the population), if by the end of agreement land was successfully used and is beneficial for county, it will then be then given for free or with large discount to that landowner, in case if failure and lack of valid reason, land will be either seized or offered for purchase for full price.
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