In Gladal we aim to allow for a large number or styles of play and to allow for as much freedom as possible. However, this freedom must not damage the playstyles or experiences of other members. If any citizens are in either financial trouble, need sustenance or have any problems, they always have the option of talking to the Jarl, Viscount, their mayor, their guild leader, a military captain or a head of any ministry and they will receive assistance.  For these reasons we expect crime to be low in Gladal and all infractions will be dealt with extremely harshly.


Any disputes should be relayed to the most appropriate individual, if they are not present or there in no appropriate individual, they should be relayed to the Jarl. Most disputes should be relayed to a mayor, guild leader, town guard or military member.  Disputes also cover minor infractions deemed to be non-hostile or malicious. The arresting officer, military member, mayor or town guard will punish disputes with either a fine to the offended party or will drop the issue if it is felt to have been a misunderstanding. The fine will be entirely up to the discretion of the arresting officer, with a portion of 10% of the fine going to the officer for their time. Anyone found abusing their power will be executed and then banished from Gladal.


Crimes will be harshly punished and are defined as any openly malicious action against any member of the county or any action that damages the county or it’s systems. The minimum punishment for all crimes is death, however, death is only there to act as a deterrent by reducing playtime, and all damages will be taken from the possessions and wealth of the offender, and community service will be issued in certain cases. While we understand people can make mistakes, that is entirely okay and we will make allowances for that. Deliberate breaking of our laws will be severely punished and repeat offenders will become banished, KoS and rewards will be offered for their death continuously.

The Single Law

The single law that cannot be broken is: No member or resident of Gladal may intentionally commit actions that harm fellow members of the county, allies of the county or the county itself.  


Lucrative bounties will be placed on current criminals who evade capture. All citizens are free to turn in these bounties and bounties will be offered outwith game mechanics on repeat offenders. If many bounties are being placed, a separate ministry may open up, but at this moment in time, any citizen can take up arms and be rewarded.