Agriculture and Animals

It is vital that we do not overhunt or overlog and this section will explain the restrictions in place.


Logging will be allowed in certain publicly owned areas to all citizens with a permit. However, for every tree logged, two must be planted and all citizens must chop trees responsibly with our continued sustainability in mind. Permits can be obtained from the Ministry of Environment. Logging on privately owned land has no restrictions, however, logging without a permit on publicly owned land will result in execution from our rangers and a fine/community service. For further information on potential punishments, see the Laws section.


Hunting in private lands is entirely permitted, but all hunting on public land deemed for hunting must be done while in possession of a state issued permit. Overhunting will be severely punished and may result in banishment from the county. While we understand that we need long lasting food stocks, care should be taken when hunting, as to not to cause extinctions or endanger animal populations.


Both hunting and logging areas will be rotated from time to time on the discretion of the Ministry of Environment as to keep our environment sustainable. Ignorance of rotations will not be an acceptable excuse.


Special rules as to logging and hunting may be given out to planned or current farms on a case to case basis on discussions with the Ministry of Environment.

Mining and Other Natural Resources

Ores and Gemstones

Veins of ores and deposits of gemstones that are discovered on private land should be reported to the county to ensure accurate taxation and valuation. Any attempts to hide income will be severely punished. The Ministry of Natural Resources will provide prospecting on all county land and individuals may request access to these sites and resources once discoveries have been made.

Stone and Rock Minerals

At this time there are no restrictions on stone or rock based minerals, but this may change depending on the quantities of each available.

Fishing and Sailing


At this time, we do not have many restrictions on fishing. All we ask is that fishermen keep an eye on fish stocks and rotate the areas in which they fish. Furthermore, fishers may also use state-owned boats when they are available for a small cost. The aim of this is to allow for reduced costs to all involved. Fishing permits may be introduced at some point if huge numbers of citizens decide to take up the field as to allow for better management and reduce congestion.


County-owned ports will be available and give sea access to all citizens. Transport ships will also dock at our major ports and with enough interest will offer voyages to locations of interest either for a small fee or charge. However, there will be a degree of control as to what boats are allowed into our main ports, this is to reduce accidents and conserve space. Spaces at a port will be “owned” as such by individuals and encroaching upon these with your own vessel will incur a fine or punishment.

Trade Customs

Any foreign citizens wanting to dock ships with large amounts of good will have to pay a customs tax before unloading and being allowed to sell their wares. If foreign traders are unaware of this tax, we will not prosecute them, but actively avoiding these taxes will result in confiscation of both ships and goods. Certain foreign traders may be exempt from customs charges upon negotiations prior to arrival.


There are no restrictions on sailing for Gladal its citizens. However, frequent encroachments by foreign vessels for no valid reason will be dealt with harshly.

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