Greetings citizens and visitors of Gladal. We want to wholeheartedly wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This year was quite eventful for both CoE and our community. We participated in The Searing Plague, which left us deprived of sleep. However, thanks to our community we managed to secure free pledges for over 20 people. We were voicing our opinions, discussing options and finally voted for our favourite maps during the 2 rounds of The Map Voting, and while result may not be what everyone wanted, it was something that the majority really liked and were hoping to get. We didn’t get Domain and Settlement Selection before the end of the year, yet we did raid the RNG Vault together. Even if it wasn’t the best planned event and majority of community quickly ignored it, it still allowed us to acquire a coastal raider and 1100 extra EP as a community. Both of these items will help develop and maintain the county.

Of course the year wasn’t without some bumps in the road, though there was nothing that we couldn’t overcome as a community. Some members left us, but their character slots have been filled by both old and new faces that we’re happy to welcome in their new positions. We have had to change our Duchy, though fortunately the new one accepted us with open arms and stood by our side. For this we are very grateful, because as soon as we joined we made many new friends, and we felt right at home.

For all the time we spent together this year playing games, chatting, arguing and creating new things we would like to thank everyone who is part of Gladal. Thank you for supporting and putting your trust in us, thank you for being part of the community.

We only wish that in upcoming year you will still keep your faith and trust in us, and more importantly, keep supporting each other.

We know that several people were struggling these days, and even holidays do not always bring much-needed moments to relax, but we hope that during these days you can still find a moment for a respite. Going forward will turn things for the better. Once again, know that we as a community are here to support you.

What’s expected in upcoming year in Gladal?

First off, while Domain and Land selection was delayed, it’s still very close. We look forward to finally picking our spot in the game and we will be working closely with our duchy to settle in most suitable place for us, as well as gather your opinions and wishes on the matter. It will be a bumpy ride and we don’t expect things to go perfectly. Some things may shuffle around and some people might not like where we will end up. At the same time, it will open new possibilities for others, especially anyone who was holding back their plans due to uncertainty.

Secondly, we hope for more news on game development and while we don’t expect to get our hands on anything soon, there’s still hope that something playable and solid will be available in 2019. D&SS will make things more lively regardless, and we wish to keep up the activity with bringing back Game Nights more often, as well as try to organise different events.

Finally, as mentioned briefly before, we will try our best to grow and improve our community. We hope that everyone is willing to work towards that goal and make Gladal the best gaming community around. On towards a joyous 2019!

That’s all from us for now. Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!