Results of D&SS

With the larger part of D&SS now behind us, most of the communities have finally settled on the map, including ourselves. While we may have been quiet during these past several weeks, that’s because most of the planning and discussions were happening behind the scenes, between us and the duke, us and other counts within the duchy, us and our mayors, as well as us and other mayors. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy to say that with everything being over, our selection went very smoothly in the end and now we can finally give an overview of where everyone’s at … Continue Reading >Results of D&SS

Welcome to our website!

The purpose of this website is to help people, new and old, to familiarise themselves better with both Gladal and CoE, keep track of news, events and help to find topics that are related to the county, by having them all in one place. You will find a list of our cities, our organizations, and information on different topics regarding the county, like law, economy, military and many more … Continue Reading >Welcome to our website!