Gladal is home to many guilds and organizations covering different areas and offering many possibilities.

However keep in mind that it is not all areas that we specialize, we have no restrictions on professions, you can pick up any profession you deem interesting.

If you are looking to start your own guild, school or organization not listed here, feel free to contact us in our discord.

Crafting Organizations

Dragon’s Tooth – A blacksmithing guild that will not only focus on creating armor and weapons but also all kinds of things that involve metalworking and day to day items – nails, locks, tools, farming equipment and more

The Waoder – Alchemy guild that specializes in everything related to alchemy and brewing.

Military Organizations

Berserkers – A branch of military that does not require permanent military duty, will specialize in raids and small hit and run operations with rewards based on success of missions.

Iron Bulwark -A mercenary guild that highly values honor and loyalty. It will travel around offering their services to both nobles and rich people for a pay, as well as helping poor people in return for food, whatever could be spared or pro-bono

Deviant Organizations

Shadow Corps – Secret service of Gladal County that will focus on protecting county against hostile spies, assassins as well as performing similar duties in hostile lands.

Other Organizations

Crimson Adventurers – Association for Explorers, Travelers, Cartographers, Archeologists and many more.

Trading Guild -A guild that will help other guilds of Gladal with the resources and goods, by providing a reliable and efficient service. Activities include – acquiring materials for a better prices, delivering items and goods around the county and beyond, finding a consumers or suppliers for certain guilds, and more.

Upcoming Organizations

There Organizations are already being planned but have not been yet fully fleshed out:

  • Carpentry Guild
  • Shipbuilding Guild
  • Demalion Organization of Animal Husbandry – A guild dedicated to breeding animals both for Military (mounts, battle animals), Supply (Meat/Dairy/Wool) and personal use (Pets).