Location: Fjellheim

Leader: Yri Ironblood
Focus: Combat
Discord: Join

The Berserkers form a branch of the Gladal military force which specializes in small operations in the name of the Jarl. Most of these operations consist of raiding certain targets, to hinder their progress, but they can also be deployed in a full scale wars.

Why should you join?

More free time

Unlike the regular military forces, you have a bigger degree of freedom. No forced trainings, less responsibility and the choice to “sit one out”. You don’t have to partake in all the raids if you don’t want to, so it’s more “free-lance” military. This comes with a slight downside though. Since the berserkers aren’t the main military force, the funding is limited. This means you have to be able to provide your own gear. Having proficiency with blacksmithing, leatherworking or woodworking, or having connections with people in these fields is recommended for this reason.

Base of operations

The berserkers will have their own Headquarters, provided with training grounds. This is also the place where upcoming raids will be announced.

Different paycheck

Unlike the main forces, Berserkers will have their income from the raids. This means the more you partake in raids, the bigger your paycheck. This is based on how much you do during the raids, as well as on your rank. Someone who has just recently joined and slacks off during the raids won’t make as much as a veteran that’s always at the front of the pack.

Hard work pays off

When you try to join as many raids as possible and are always working your hardest to complete the mission, you can receive a certain distinction for your services. This counts as an official rank up, which means an increase on your paycheck.

Other contracts

Berserkers won’t be restricted to just one unit. Besides the raid units never being the same composition, there’s also the possibility to take on contracts from other military branches. You’re free to talk to a Guard Captain if you want to fill in for guard duty once. Or take a contract for escorting a Noble.


  • The Berserker Warchief is the leader of the Berserkers.
  • A Berserker Captain is in charge of a single Berserker unit. The Captains will be selected by the Berserkers through vote or some kind of trial. This is up to the Berserkers to decide.
  • The Berserker Chosen is a member who has received the distinction for great service.
  • The Berserker is a regular member of the Berserkers. They will make up most of the raid units.
  • A raider is a recruit that still has to prove his own worth, this can be because this person is new, or rarely joins the raids.

Like in wolfpacks, The leader can be challenged by lower ranked members if they think they can do better than their superior. This can only be done with the right amount of support. A Berserker or Berserker Chosen can challenge a Captain and a Captain can challenge the Warchief.

A Berserker unit will always consist of a captain (or the warchief), chosen, berserkers and raiders. The size and composition of each unit will be decided by the Warchief for each mission separately.


While few in numbers, there are some rules the Berserkers have to follow.

As stated before, Berserkers are required to bring their own gear, but to prevent unorganized raid units, there will be some restrictions on what kind of gear you can bring.

Furthermore will the County allow Berserkers to raid on their own accord, but raiding inside the County or raiding any allies will be seen as treason and will be treated as such.

The County also wants to state that these unofficial raids will be your own responsibility and the County will not be held accountable for your actions.