Location: TBD

Leader: Cryptic Oakenhearts
Focus: Combat
Discord: Join

Iron Bulwark is a mercenary guild that at its core principles is to protect the realm of Mann from threats that hinder day to day lives to make it as easy on them as possible, we plan to do this by having a troop tree system of progression so that knights and Soldiers get used to helping people that you have no allegiance to.

We also plan to have a civilian tier so any passive players that wish to join us can this tier system will have civilians, traders and craftsmen in it, we plan to build a network of traders and craftsmen to benefit everyone in every colony so that we can easily move from town to town to go where needed most.

A large part of our plan is to escort caravans delivering goods from colony to colony to help them thrive and to help bolster our units and our coffers, we will be charging very little from villages or non profit caravans (most likely food and water for the men) but for profit based caravans and lords will have to pay in gold.

The Military side of the order will be conducting expeditions to eliminate bandit camps and unearthly creatures, we will do this to ensure the safety of the people and to better prepare our soldiers for larger threats that might endanger the people.

The Soldiers are Split into Two Major groups, The First being Bastions Which are the heavy armor hard hitting knights. The Second Being the Bartizans which are the fast moving lightly armored Rangers and Calvary these will be the soldiers your most likely to see out and about.