Location: Bescomb

Leader: Nimueh Ambrosia
Focus: Music/Bardic Arts
Discord: Join

From court musicians to traveling harpist looking for work, we are the home for music in Elyria, a place for those skilled with an instrument to come and share stories and work, but also for people to come and learn. All newcomers are welcomed with open arms and probably a song or two, maybe even a round of drinks from the tavern. Our guild has 4 main branches:


This is the branch for everyone who wants to spin tales of lost kingdoms and stories of love finally found. Here, you’ll be guided to become the best in Elyria with your instrument(s) of choice and shown the best places to earn all the coin you could need. You’ll start out as a Wanderer who’s maybe new to the trade, before progressing to Tavern Bard and then, once you’ve learnt the finer aspects of your art, become a Court Musician.


Composers are for those who don’t just wish to tell stories, but to create their own. They’ll be the people who’ll provide our bards with new material to keep the trade coming in. Beginnings as a Student, you’ll be encouraged to increase your skills to writing for more instruments and in greater complexity, advancing towards become a fully fledged Composer. From here, it’ll be the small and subtle things that’ll increase your skill and popularity into becoming a Head Composer.


Our instruments must come from somewhere! We’ll be looking for people to specialize in the construction of instruments to produce in house, although this position can also be held by outsiders up to the second tier. As an Apprentice Crafter, you’ll be shown how to craft basic instruments with precision for our newer members. As a Crafter, you’ll create a variety of instruments as needed for any member, and once your skill increases you’ll become a Master Crafter in charge of quality control in the workshop and making specially requested instruments. You’ll also help us keep at the forefront of technology by researching new instrument designs and techniques.

Our Tavern

As part of our guild hall, we’re looking to have a bunk house come tavern. For this, we’ll be looking for Wenches, Cooks and Counter Staff. While these are also likely to be family members of people in the guild, outsiders are also welcome to apply for positions are will be welcomed with open arms.

Here are some examples of my personal work as a bard 🙂