Location: Unknown

Leader: The Owl
Focus: Deviant
Discord: Join

The Shadow Corps is the secret service of Gladal County. Just like in the real world, we have agents that perform various deviant tasks with approval of the government. What tasks, you might wonder. Well, check out our list of professions below.

Foreign secret agent, based outside of Gladal County, subdivided in:

  • Spy (gathers information about enemy plans, enemy nobility and army locations, foreign disgruntled citizens and much more; spreads rumours)
  • Saboteur (conducts disruption and destruction of enemy production, organizations and facilities; bribes others to do the same)
  • Thief (steals enemy artifacts, research, blueprints, documents, plans and seals)
  • Smuggler (smuggles aforementioned stolen items into Gladal)
  • Assassin (silences enemies of the state)

Local secret agent, based inside Gladal County, subdivided in:

  • Spy (gathers information about enemy plans, enemy spy locations, local disgruntled citizens and much more; spreads rumours)
  • Assassin (silences enemies of the state)
  • Researcher (researches deviant items)
  • Merchant (trades in deviant items)
  • Artisan (crafts deviant items)

A single person can have multiple of these professions, but not both local and foreign professions. They are also free to combine them with other (non-deviant) professions, for example: A baker that works in the kitchen of a foreign king, who also acts as an assassin. Or perhaps: A thief that knows their way into military camps and is also an expert in bringing stolen military secrets across the border.


It goes without saying that members of the Shadow Corps are loyal to the county and the people that live in it. For only then can the Shadow Corps do justice. Therefore, acts against the county and its people are prohibited. Applicants do not have to worry about sitting idle though, since we foresee there will be plenty of operations to conduct, both on foreign lands as well as our own. After all, your local baker may be an assassin in hiding.


Simply put, being part of the Shadow Corps means steady pay. Instead of being a common thief that has to live from scraps and might get lucky once a year, you will receive a bag of coins for your actions at regular intervals. (We might even throw in a bonus if you are really good.) But wait, there’s more! We will also make sure there is housing for you and even a safe house if your trail gets too hot. They will be made to fit the needs of a deviant. Though it gets even better. We will provide you with the best possible tools and gear for performing your deviant activities, if only to guarantee the best possible outcome of your operations.


The rules are simple, follow your orders and keep them secret – both external and internal. All tasks are given by the count to the Shadow Commander, who then relays those tasks to the people performing them. All information and completed tasks go to the Shadow Commander and the Commander will bring it to the count. No other superiors than the count and the Shadow Commander have the right command the Shadow Corps unless given temporary authority from the count. If you perform a job without the Shadow Commander’s approval, you will be punished. The Shadow Corps is not for loose cannons, serial killers or those without rules.


Joining the Shadow Corps is easy. Log on to Discord and send a PM to The Owl#2602. After filling in a short survey and introducing yourself, we are sure to welcome you to our great organization.

If you are not a citizen of Gladal, we welcome you all the same. We can always use more foreign agents and we will do everything in our power to ensure compensation for your troubles.