Leader: Tosolo, The Drunk´n Norwegian
Focus: Trading
Discord: Join

In a world of endless possibility, where you can be whatever and whoever you want. Where you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, create anything you want. Where you can be anything from hunter, to a knight, to a blacksmith, to a scholar, to an assassin and so on. One of the first things you´ll do is find like minded individuals who share your goals, beliefs and ambitions. Whether they are to slay a mythological creature, to become renowned scholars or to create a sword of legend. You´ll play together, stay together and with time form a guild.

But every guild needs connections, supplies, contracts and more. That is what WE are here for.

Our Goals and function

My name is Tosolo, I´m leader of The Trading Guild in the Gladal County, and I hereby offer you our services. We (The Trading Guild) are the glue that helps bind all the different guilds of Gladal together. We are a guild unlike any other that exists to help the county run smoothly and efficiently. We mainly act as a “middle man” between all different guilds. We help guilds trade their wares between each other and the public whether nearby or in other locations.

We also manage transport of said wares and contracts between the different guilds and their guild members. We are based Fjellheim (The county capital) and have plans and arrangements made to expand to the other settlements as time progresses. More precise details will be released at launch.

What we are looking for

We are currently recruiting individuals who are willing to invest time into making our guild the best it can be. And if we get enough invested players we will expand into neighboring counties and beyond. Having that said, our main focus at launch will be Gladal county as it is one of the largest and most populated counties on the EU server.

Useful Information.

We will mainly sell guild goods through a chain of shops that are distributed around the county.

We already have deals and agreements with all the major guilds in Gladal.

We are not in it for the money (even though there will be enough to go around).