Location: Arcton, Brudheim, Grankvist

Leader: Whitelake
Focus: Architecture, Construction

Client: I want a keep. Big, big keep…
VCC: One castle for you, sir.
Client: …with a road to castle…
VCC: double-width stone road for you, sir.
Client: …and tasty inn by gates…
VCC: 2-story inn with wine cellar for you, sir.
Client: …soon…
VCC: Ready in two years, sir.
Client: …and I don’t want to raise a finger.
VCC: Just leave your bag of gold here and consider it done, sir.

What is Vanaheim Construction Company?

Vanaheim Construction Company (VCC) sells “construction projects”, that usually includes everything from understanding/estimating the client wishes and architecting the object, to sourcing the raw materials and building it in the end. And on top of that, managing the whole thing and being held responsible for the promises and deadlines.

VCC will work for Mayors, Barons, Gladal Count, other Counts and Lyon Duke. As well as anyone else that can afford a comparable construction project. Please contact if you need construction of anything from roads to houses to ships.

What can YOU do at Vanaheim Construction Company?

Join Discord here. The are three types of cooperation with VCC: member, supplier, or contractor.

Members of VCC

Members of VCC are part of VCC. One can join VCC and work at any of its branches, or open and run a new one. Members normally are individuals, not other guilds. Members enjoy work within their field of expertise, priority based on skill to be taken for jobs and having a say at VCC.

Suppliers of VCC

Suppliers of VCC are not a part of VCC but are closely related nevertheless. Supplier has a seat at VCC board and thus a saying in rare but important matters, but on the other hand have a duty to prioritize VCC. Suppliers usually are guilds, not individuals. Suppliers enjoy the stability of long-term contract and a steady stream of deals, as well a say at VCC. VCC together with all suppliers is called “Vanaheim Group”. To become a Supplier, it has to have pass majority vote of the board.

Current Suppliers: – blacksmith: Dragon’s Tooth (contact Jarl Eric Woodward) – carpentry: ??? (contact Kristjan) – carpentry: The Bronze Ram (contact Baen)

Contractors of VCC

Contractors of VCC are a very flexible and “no-strings-attached” way of cooperating with VCC. Basically that’s making a new contract for every deal, on case to case basis. Contractors may be either individuals or other guilds. Being a contractor is best suited for one-time or occasional cooperation, or as a way to grow mutual trust to later become a member or supplier. To become a contractor, you have to be simply hired by anyone from VCC.

How Vanaheim Construction Company looks within?

As long the VCC is small the hierarchy is as simple as possible. The leader is CEO Grapes, then there are other responsible people that take care for their respective responsibilities, and then there are other members that are still earning their trust to raise, or are just taking it lightly. If internally arises problems that can’t be solved by them, then it’s escalated to board. The board consists of all high-ranking members and one representative from each supplier.

As VCC grows and reaches critical mass, the “Company” will become a “Corporation” and the internal structure will be appropriately reconstructed.