Leader: Dropbear
Focus: Alchemy/Brewing
Discord: Join

Many guilds claim a great past filled with glory and praise, but not every guild has a history of achievements. The Waoder isn’t one of these ancient guild, which have proven itself through history. The creation of The Waoder happened a day not too long ago up on the north, when an ambitious young brewer gathered with his friends to create a future of progress. Gathering from different backgrounds, but with a common goal. Flexibility in skills and way of thoughts is the nature of The Waoder. Which is why the young brewer one day some years ago hired an alchemist into his shop, and a short time after founded The Waoder.

Starting out The Waoder was located in the young brewer’s distillery, but very soon they were able to build something more proper. In the short time from the founding of The Waoder to now there haven’t been any big problems. Soon after moving into proper facilities count Woodward of Gladal chose to support The Waoder and make it an official guild of Gladal, which helped The Waoder furthering their research. Not long after The Waoder was already expanding and flourishing with production of wine, medicine and fireworks.

Our mission

Our mission is of course to discover the full potentials of alchemy and brewery. We will conquer every route and overcome struggle. And one day when we can make the highest quality of alchemy and brewery in all of Elyria, we will keep striving to improve our craft in any way possible.


In The Waoder you will have to prove your worth to ascend through our ranks. Progressing through the tiers will of course bring different benefits like access to knowledge and higher leveled recipes, but it will also give u more responsibilities to The Waoder.


New members will be given the rank Apprentice of The Waoder. To become a full member of The Waoder you will have to prove yourself trustworthy and/or able to do crafting at a basic level successfully. SO now you only have to prove the worth of your craft to be accepted fully into The Waoder and ascend through our ranks

Tier 1


Becoming a Waoder means, that you have mastered the basics of your craft and is accepted as a full fledged member of The Waoder.

Tier 2


Being a Seeker in The Waoder means, that you mastered the basics of your craft and have been chosen for a quest of pursuing knowledge throughout the world. Becoming a Seeker will require basic knowledge in medicine and combat.

Guardian of Knowledge

Being a Guardian of Knowledge means, that you have been given the responsibility of protecting the properties of The Waoder in addition to your already existing responsibilities.

Tier 3


Being a Sage in The Waoder means, that you have returned from a “Seeker’s Quest” to study the gathered knowledge, and prepare new Seekers for their quest. Becoming a Sage of The Waoder also means that you will be required to fullfil a Guardian of Knowledge’s duties.


Being a Professor in The Waoder means, that you have mastered more than the basics of your craft and are ready to advance further into the depth of alchemy and/or brewery. Becoming a Professor of The Waoder also means taking the responsibility of teaching new Apprentices the basics they will need to advance in their craft

Tier 4


Being a Master in The Waoder means, that you have been given the responsibility of administrating The Waoder in your local area. This will also mean that you have access to all the knowledge within The Waoder and are a member of the Master Council.

What you can expect from me as the Grandmaster

Im fluent in English and highly dedicated to The Waoder and its members

What i expect from you as a member of The Waoder

A basic level of spoken English, other than that just positivity and activity

We’re of course also hoping to hear from glassblowers, hunters, etc, who would be interested in trading with The Waoder