Here is the list of current cities and baronies.

If you are a mayor, baron that wants to settle with us, or even a count that is looking to work closely with us via Confederation, don’t hesitate to contact us in our discord or via PMs.

Fjellheim – County Capital.

Drifgard – A settlement focused on food production.

Arcton – A city known for architectural prowess.

Bolgna – A city renowned for archery and hunting.

Daventria – A vault city, focusing on PvP and economy.

Raumarici – A town that is focused on mining and stone working.

Sarenscar – A dedicated trading and crafting hub of the county.

Snovær  – Settlement focused on Pastoral Farming and Hunting, with further development into trade, alchemy and healing. Role players welcome!

Eldstædhi – A completely custom city that will be built from the ground up.

Some mayors are still not haven’t fully fleshed out idea for their cities and will mostly do so after Domain and Land selection. Those mayors and barons are:

Baron Lin

Mayor DropBear

Mayor Zarthes

If you wish to learn more about their plans and ideas feel free to contact them in our Discord server.