Here you can find information on our current settlements.

Green – Claimed territory. Blue – territory to be acquired later via game means.

Fjellheim – County Capital.

Arcton – A city known for architectural prowess.

Daventria – A vault city, focusing on PvP and economy.

Drifgard – A settlement focused on food production.

Eldstædhi – A completely custom city that will be built from the ground up.

Grankvist -Settlement focused on trade, alchemy and brewing, and organizing arena events.

Raumarici – A town that is focused on mining and stone working.

Sarenscar – A dedicated trading and crafting hub of the county.

Snovær  – Settlement focused on Pastoral Farming and Hunting, with further development into trade, alchemy and healing. Role players welcome!

Thelnor – A city renowned for archery and hunting.

Some settlements have not fully fleshed out idea for their cities and and are waiting for more information. Those settlements are:



If you wish to learn more about their plans and ideas feel free to contact them in our Discord server.