Baron: Renghieri
Focus: Military
Main Features:

Bolgna is a military city where you can train and hone your skills in your everyday life from Herbalist to Hunters to Guardians to Predator Tamers, if you wish to push to your limits then this city is for you. Everyone will have regular military training separate from their professions to keep our settlement safe, everyone is held accountable for their actions or lack of actions.


This city’s military is not only comprised of the archer towers guards and look outs, but we are a part of the fierce unit The Golden Arrows


Skilled Archers will be the focus coming out from this town and to do that a lot of training such as hunting, tracking, and one-handed sword combat. But of course, leather workers, blacksmiths, herbalists, Cooks, and Trainers etc. are needed,and each profession will learn from one another in order to facilitate the growth of Bolgna.