Mayor: Cyriac
Focus: Banking & Defense
Main Features:

Deep within the mountains lies the sheltered city of Daventria. Commonly referred to simply as ‘ The Vault’ by the common folk of Gladal County.

The Vault is the center-point of Gladal’s economic power, some even say a vital cog in the machine of the greater Demalion Empire.

It is here where the Counties biggest treasures are kept and where the economic workings of the region are controlled and protected.

Due to its economic importance, the city houses its own garrison of elite guards who are recruited from the best military and naval academies around.

Daventria is heavily fortified and regarded as one of the safer locations within the Empire. As a result many scholars have found their way to the Vault City to further their knowledge of the exotic as well as the mundane.

Farmers plow away peacefully at their homesteads in the knowledge that if the city, or the mountain pass it lies in, ever comes under siege, safe harbor will be found within the walls of ‘The Vault’.

I hereby unlock the gates of Daventria to common folk as well as gentry, nobility and military! The base of our great Vault has been established, but much work is needed to make it the grand Vault City it needs to become! For Gladal! For Demalion!”

Mayor Cyriac Daventria

What we offer:

  • Peaceful co-existence for PvE players who prefer crafting or working the land. You will be protected within the city walls whenever the region comes under threat.
  • Plots are available for citizens to establish their own crafting spots, run their business or plant their home.
  • Economic center-point of the region: goods will naturally flow through the region and the Vault will house the wealth of the region.
  • Several openings for players who would like to engage more in the ‘behind the scenes’ of the region. Think of managers, officers and tradesmen.
  • For players focusing more on PvP gameplay Daventria will house its own garrison with men (and leading officers) to protect the city and the region from dangers.
  • Travelers and Adventurers will find their bellies filled and their mouths moistened at a pleasant fire to tell the great stories of their travels.