Mayor: Marentzius
Main Features:

House Marentzius

RAVEN. Often considered to be tricksters, Ravens are the guardians of sacred and secret mysteries. The Raven is blessed with keen eyesight, helping us to clearly see what which is before us. Ravens are associated with Psychic Powers, and their feathers are sometimes used to aid clairvoyance. With this bird as your spiritual Guide, you will excel in the MAGICAL arts.


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”.

Edward Everett Hale

This is a brief introduction to the vision, and plans of Mayor Marentzius. I stress that this is a vision and a goal, and not all things listed will be in from launch.

* As Mayor, my duty is to the citizens. The progress of Raumarici is dependent on the progress of its Citizens. If you succeed, the town succeed.


Town Goals

Raumarici will before all else strive to take care of its citizens.

  • Fair taxes.

Taxes will be kept at a minimum, if the situation does not demand otherwise. Angry mobs with pitchforks and battleaxes are to be avoided.

  • Housing for anyone that can afford it, or are willing to work for it.

There will be ways to recive a piece of land, to build a house you can call home. By contributing to the town, in various ways, you will be rewarded.

  • The local Tavern.

Raumarici will have a tavern ready for all adventurers and locals, to get warm, eat, drink, dance, or play dice. Gambling of various types for the one who feel lucky. A stage for any musicians, entertainers or bards to boast their skills and stories. The Tavern wrench is Cameluta. Wife of the Mayor.

  • The Hunters Lodge.

A place for all hunters and adventurers to group up, share knowledge and tan their hide. Will be placed next to butchers shop, and town cartography offices. Will be located in crafters district.

  • Crafters District.

At launch Raumarici will strive to have all starter crafting stations available for public use. Resources will come from your own pocket, but anything you produce, can and most likely will be sold from a stand at the local Marked, located in the Trade district. Or in time you may want to open a shop of your own.

  • Trade District.

Raumarici will have a town square surrounded by shops, some empty and for rent. Ready to be stocked and advertised. The square it self will be free for all locals and traverling merchants to put up stalls. This is also the place for public anouncements, and a message board for anyone to use. Visit your local scribe for some ink and paper.

  • The Garrison.

County of Gladals Cavalry division The Silver Sword will be represented with offices, training grounds, and stables at the Garrison. It is recomended that all players that want to learn how to fight, join the Garrison for a time. And may earn enogh monney for a pice of land, or may be rewarded a house of their own as you climb the ranks. It is a nobel thing to join the Silver Sword, to keep us safe from any harm.

  • Town Hall.

This is the place to buy, rent or manage any land you may acquire in and around the Town of Raumarici. Official branches of the local government, will be represented here. Report a crime to the Sheriff, pay your property tax to the Treasurer or perhaps become a diplomat/ambassador with your own offices, to mettle on behalf of Raumarici. Judging and sentencing of criminals will happen, if the evidence hold up. It is not decided yet who or where this will take place. I have no problem issuing “persona non-Grata” for any griefers repeating crime, or harassing law abiding citizens. Vice Mayor/Treasurer: Whoppah. Discord Username: Whoppah#8075

There will be a building dedicated to learning, and collecting knowledge. Its important to gather recipes of all crafts, maps of all known and unknown places, history and lore. This is also where scribes, alchemists, doctors, veterinarians, archeologists, linguistics, cryptographers, architects, astronomers and astrologists will find their desks and stations. As time goes by guilds might establish specialized buildings of their own, with more advanced stations and their own libraries, but it will all be located close by. The Master of the School is tasked with gathering, and making sure most people don’t abuse, but contribute knowledge for the benefit of all citizens of Raumarici. There are already players joining the city that will dabble in the dark arts, and try to unlock the long forgotten secrets of magic, that once flourished in Elyria. Faculty Leader/Dean: Nuricraft. Discord Username NuriCraft#6328

  • Warehouse.

Mayor Marentzius will try to build a storage house, with separate storage units for rent. This building will be owned by the town of Raumarici, and will be guarded at all times by the local Garrison. This is an attempt at securing goods for players that still can not afford their own house, or don’t have enough space at home to keep things safe. This is used at own risk, but the local Town Watch will do their up most to keep all goods safe as it is also used as the town storage. Meaning materials and goods owned by the town can be picked up here to finish building contracts, or work contacts offered by Raumarici. The town will in periods of need buy your goods and food. The Long Night, is long indeed.

  • House of healing.

This is the place to go if you have contracted any type of disease, illness, poisen or injury. Even tho doctors and alchemists have stations at the school, this is where the town will try to keep a fully stocked treatment senter. It will be subsedised by Raumarici, to always be able to offer its citizens free healthcare. In times of crisis, or if a hunting party stumble and strain their ankles (yes all of them), it will be a very important building to the town. With beds for paitients, and the right tools, there is no ankle to thick to cut off.

  • The Harbor.

Dependent on if I will be able to select a port settlement, there will be a harbour, with docks for ships of any kind. A fisherman hut, with tools for slaying fish, and other sea creatures will be available. Since its a cold climate, drying fish and other meat will be important, as planted crops might not grow in the ice cold dirt. This of course depends on how far north with in Demalion we end up, but will still be important food source for travelers leaving the town borders. Killing larger sea creatures as whales, will bring in important resources as fat for candle lights, and bones for crafting of many types. In addition to literally a ton of meat. Because of the vast distances in Elyria, sea trade, will be the fastest way to reach distant lands, to sell goods. I am also open for anyone who wants to establish a navy to guard the fjords and waters near to Raumarici. Or work with boat building. Raumarici will help anyone get started on a shipwright/drydock.


Dependent on the main religion of the Tribe of Raumarici. As we still dont know if it will be a majority of Brudvir or Neran. There will be one of two religious buildings erected. But with space for more religions to settle with in the town borders.

If Brudvir: The Temple of the Faedin.

The Faedin is an animist religion with much of its belief in the forces of nature, believing that all living things are tied to the Spirit World through spirit, which inhabits every living thing in Elyria. Faedin followers strive for enlightenment. They believe that their bodies are just vehicles for the soul, which can take them on a path to greater things. It is believed by the Faedin that multiple planes exist, and that we are only able to transcend to a higher plane through manifestation on each of the lower planes in a form suitable for that plane.

If Neran: The Church of the Vitori.

The Virtori are one of the five major religions of Elyria, practiced primarily by the Neran and Hrothi tribes. Virtori teaching is centered around the existence of powerful Gods and their Guardians, representing the 7 virtues and 7 vices. They believe that there was a War Between the Virtues and Vices, with Mann-kind being caught in the middle and ultimately sealing away the Vices and Virtues to protect Elyria from the Gods. The Virtori believe that this sealing split the world into Elyria, Haven (the place of Virtue), and Karcion (the place of Vice). The Virtori believe that individuals are pawns that are manipulated by much higher powers

Guilds and Organizations.

All guilds are welcome, as long as laws are followed within the borders of Raumarici.

  • The Silver Sword:

This is the cavalry branch of the Gladal military, and ts loyalty is rooted in the county of Gladal. In adition to secure the wilderness of Gladal, the every day tasks will be Town Watch, tending to the mounts. Training in various fighting, primary from horseback or War Trisonback, but also in melee or ranged fighting as footsoldiers. Lancing or arena type tournaments will be held either in Raumarici or the Capital of Gladal. And who knows what orders that will come from the Gladal gouvernment? More information on the rank system, and how to join will come. The leader of The Silver Sword Raumarici branch is at the moment Mayor Marentzius. But if you feel like you can do good job, let me know. The Mayor has more than enough tasks. A new description of The Silver Sword is under way.

As of the moment there are no other Guilds established in Raumarici, but I recomend anyone who want, and have plans, to contact me! All are welcome.


Mount breeders Guiild. Trade Guilds. All types of Crafting Guilds. Hunters Guild. Explorers Guild. Adventurers Guild. Astronomy Guild. Astrology Guild. Scribers Guild. Naval/Ocean/Sea and fishing Guild. Diplomacy Guild. Spy Guild/organization. All Resource Gathering Guilds. Entertainment Guild. Religious Guild/organisation. Teachers Guild. Archeology Guild. Tamers Guild. Any martial arts guild. Sculpture/Carving Guild.

Arriving soon:

Architect Guild.

Filled official positions:


Marentzius. Discord Username: Marentzius#3892

Vice Mayor/Treasurer

Whoppah. Discord Username: Whoppah#8075

Faculty Leader/Dean:

Nuricraft. Discord Username NuriCraft#6328

Leader of The Silver Sword Raumarici branch:

Temporary filled by Marentzius. New information coming soon.

Tavern Keeper:

Cameluta. Wife of the Mayor.

Needed official positions:

Sheriff. Solves crime, and makes arrest, together with Town Watch.

Diplomat. Establish office in Capital. Eyes, ears, and voice of Raumarici. Expand our influence there after to as manny places as possible.

Official Skald/Storyteller. Tasked with spreading the word of Raumarici and its citizens far and wide.

Leadership of The Silver Sword. Or anyone that wants to join to protect Raumarici or the County of Gladal.

Offical Town Cartographer. Tasked with making a detailed map of Raumarici and its lands. Keeping Town map up to date, with key locations highlighted. Will receive income of all maps sold to citizens. But provide town leadership with updated maps.

More info, illustrations, links and contacts coming as ingame info/pictures get available. Everything in this post is up for change, and perhaps YOU will change it with me by joining the Town of Raumarici.

“Nothing like returning to Raumarici”