Location: Gladal
Mayor: Metus / Yazoo#0726
Main focus – Pastoral Farming, Hunting
Secondary focus – Trade, Alchemy, Healing


Welcome to the Hamlet of Snovær! This is a small settlement in the north of Gladal County. Placed against mountains and forest, the Hamlet has caves and wild life in abundance. The Hamlet lies in Brudvir lands and lays somewhat isolated and (if the map is believed) somewhat hidden with the mountains and forests. For those interested in hunting, herding, exploring, trading, and the like, we welcome everyone here to try and find themselves a place. As a roleplayer, I sincerely welcome any roleplayers around these parts in case there is interest and hope people will take this into account when going around.


The Hamlet of Snovær is located at the most northern side of Gladal County. We are currently part of the Duchy of Westmist, which will become part of the Duchy of Ljón during the reverse auction. The hamlet is settled in the lands of Taiga, native to the Brudvir, but we also house Hrothi and also the Kypiq and Waerd are found within the Duchy, so may be seen passing through.

Professions & Aspirations

At present no fully set goals have been made. Due to its location, the hamlet itself has a variety of things that can be worked towards and there is a great amount of freedom to go towards a number of directions. As one may see below: game and herding is most notable for the hamlet at present, also a number of resources can be gained around the settlement. At present a trade-route has been planned with neighboring settlements that will be built towards, also a road towards the town to our east is already planned to be build early on (if possible, it will be there before even launch). I welcome crafters and gatherers of all kinds, I personally enjoy alchemy and hope to create some sort of focus on alchemy and healing myself, but right now there are no true set goals for the hamlet.

I hope this all helps to gain an idea of what the Hamlet of Snovær is and it current status. The information here will be updated as things go and may become clearer. If any questions or wishes are there, you’re free to reach out to me. We also have our own Discord channel for the hamlet.