Welcome everyone to gladal.eu!

We’re proud to finally introduce our own website.

The purpose of this website is to help people, new and old, to familiarise themselves better with both Gladal and CoE, keep track of news, events and help to find topics that are related to the county, by having them all in one place. You will find a list of our cities, our organisations, and information on different topics regarding the county, like law, economy, military and many more.

We will try to keep the website updated as regularly as we can, as well as use this medium to publish information on big news and events.

Important information for Aristocracy and Organization Leaders – We have added information about most towns and organisations with the info we could find, however it may not be perfect and for that we apologise. If you find inconsistencies, errors or simply want to add more information to your affiliated posts, please contact SerWalter#0001, Jarl Eric Woodward#4901 or Abigor#0461 in our discord for changes.

If you have suggestions, wish to help with posting additional information or news, or you’ve found errors – contact the Website Team admins or moderators.

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